Kids are curious about how things operate. A major source of electricity in the home are associated with electrical outlets. Outlets are advantageously located for simple access, yet dangerously situated within reach of crawling newborns and curious toddlers.

Protect yourself and your family from the various risks that exist both inside and outside the home as a top parenting responsibility. The need for baby-proofing electrical outlets cannot be overstated. Take charge of your home’s electrical safety.

Option #1: Tamper-Resistant Outlets

As previously said, children are fascinated by how things work. Consider replacing standard outlets with special tamper-resistant outlets to help avoid this. These childproof outlets resemble “normal” outlets in appearance. The distinction is that they have a special safety feature: spring-loaded shutters that block up the apertures of the receptacle.

Option #2: Outlet Caps

The simple outlet cap is one of the most common, cheapest, and easiest solutions for childproofing outlets. These are just “plugs” made of plastic. Simply plug them into an available outlet to install them. This makes it impossible for little toddlers to take them out.

It does, however, effectively block the outflow. As a result, you’ll have to physically unplug them if you wish to connect something in.

Option #3: “Socket Lockit”

The following option is a small modification on the outlet cap. A pressure-button release is included with the Cardinal Gates Socket Lockit. This not only holds the cover in place, but it also makes it easier for adults to remove it. It’s not quite its own category, but it’s certainly something parents should be aware of.

Finally, parents and caregivers must determine which options are most appropriate for their particular house and lifestyle. Childproofing isn’t a precise science and recommended practices are always changing.  If you would like to learn more information about different ways that you can childproof your home, or to find out about the services we offer at Comet Electric, please contact us at 724-266-7177 and we will help you get the information you need.