The holiday season is once again upon us, and many individuals decorate their homes for the occasion. Some families begin their holiday décor around Halloween and alter it every holiday until New Year’s Eve. The idea is to be cautious when decorating your home since no one wants their Christmas season to be marred by a tragic accident. These electrical safety recommendations below can assist you in keeping your family safe this holiday season.

  1. Check Decorations – Before using any electrical decorations, make sure they’re not damaged. Do not attempt to use broken or damaged sockets, loose or naked wires, or loose connections since they are dangerous and could produce a significant shock or a fire. LED lights are the finest option. They will not only consume significantly less power, but they will also run cooler, pose less of a fire threat, and last much longer.
  2. Do NOT overload outlets – Overloading electrical outlets is not a good idea. During the holiday season, overloaded electrical outlets are the leading cause of electrical fires. Avoid overloading outlets by connecting multiple high-wattage appliances to a single outlet.
  3. Turn off the lights if you’re not using them – When no one is home, try not to leave lights on overnight. Also, check the cables of lamps and Christmas lights to make sure they aren’t frayed. Avoid putting cords behind anything that could overheat, such as rugs. Nails and other sharp objects should not be used on cords since they could create an electrical shock or spark at any time, resulting in a fire. Make sure that lights and cords are draped in an area with plenty of space around them.
  4. The Holiday Tree – If you still have a live Christmas tree because of the look and smell do not let the tree dry out. Because a Christmas tree can dry out rapidly after being cut, water it every day to keep it as fresh as possible, and don’t keep it in the house for too long. Dried Christmas trees are another common source of fire in homes throughout the holiday season.

Bonus Safety Suggestion

Last but not least, if you have any questions or worries about securely installing holiday decorations that require electricity, you should consult Comet Electric, who is familiar with the National Electric Safety Board’s rules.