Electric fireplaces are less dangerous than traditional space heaters when it comes to safety. Electric fireplace heaters are much more durable than space heaters, making them practically hard to overturn. Electric fireplace safety rules, like those for traditional space heaters, must be followed.

Maintain a Safe Distance from Other Objects

Other items such as blankets, electronics, furniture, and toys should be kept away from your electric fireplace heater. Always leave at least three feet of clean space around your electric fireplace and never put anything on top of it.

Never make any changes to the unit.

It is exceedingly unsafe to modify an electric fireplace. When difficulties arise, always refer to the owner’s manual. If repairs or adjustments are required, have the work done by a trained electrician.

Make sure your outlets are safe.

Never plug your electric fireplace heater into an outlet that could be unsafe. Also, never use a cord or plug that is ragged or damaged. If you’re concerned about the safety of your electric system, consider having it inspected.

Keep your hands away from the surface.

During operation, the surfaces of your electric fireplace can get fairly hot to the touch. When it’s in use, it’s best not to touch it at all.

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