In the average home, there are 75 electrical outlets of varying sizes, shapes, and functions. Are the outlets on your walls the best candidates for the job? Here, we’ll highlight some of the most prevalent varieties in your house, as well as new home outlet challengers aimed to make your home more user-friendly and safe for children.

Types of Electrical Outlets 

Outlets With Two Prongs – This 15 amp, 125 volt, 2-wired outlet, which is common in older homes, is exclusively for ungrounded circuits and is quickly becoming obsolete due to safety and regulatory restrictions.

Outlets With 3 Prongs, 15 Amps, and 125 Volts – This outlet, which has two long top slots and a lower, upside-down u-shaped slot for grounding, is one of the most immediately recognizable and ubiquitous outlets seen in houses. It helps to avoid electrical shock if any wiring comes loose.

USB Plugs – Is your family battling over outlets? USB outlets are a practical and straightforward solution when it comes to charging your mobile devices.

Tamper-Proof Receptacles – These outlets are now required by law in newly-built homes and have a barrier to prevent youngsters from inserting tiny items into them.

Outlets With Built-in LED Night Lights – This practical, safe evening illumination alternative keeps tiny and delicate night light components away from young fingers.

Are you curious about different types electrical outlets and how they might help you improve the functionality of your home? Contact Comet Electric today to learn more about outlet alternatives!