Electric automobiles provide a variety of advantages to their owners, ranging from improved fuel economy to reduced emissions. Car ownership entails a number of expenses. Traditional vehicles require you to be concerned about the cost of gasoline. You can avoid stopping at the gas station with electric cars (EVs), but you must factor in the expense of charging your vehicle. What are the benefits of purchasing an electric vehicle? How much electricity does an electric vehicle consume? Is it true that electric cars raise your power bill? Learn how EVs save you money and how much it costs to charge an electric car.

Will Owning an EV Increase Your Electricity Bill?

Yes, it will increase your bill. Your energy cost will be increased by any device, appliance, or equipment that consumes electricity. To operate, electric vehicles must be plugged in and charged on a regular basis.

How much does it cost to charge an electric car on average?

The cost of charging your EV at home is determined by your local power rate, whether you use off-peak rates, the type of car you’re charging, and how much you drive each month. However, the typical monthly cost of charging an electric vehicle is $50-100.

Cost shouldn’t be your only concern when picking a charging method. For many drivers, convenience is equally important. Most EVs can be fully charged in three hours with a Level 2 charger (240V) installed in your garage. This is three times faster than charging using a Level 1 (120V) socket, which requires most EV owners to charge their vehicles overnight to reach full “tank” capacity.

Another approach to keep your electricity bill as low as possible is to charge your EV during off-peak electricity hours—like it’s getting electrons on sale. Is there a discount at the gas station if you buy gas after rush hour? No, they don’t, therefore take advantage of any potential discount your utility company provides.

Increasing the Efficiency of Your Electrical System

Comet electric can assist you if you have or are considering acquiring an electric vehicle and need to upgrade your home’s electrical system to a Level 2 charger. For faster, more efficient EV charging, we can inspect your present system, offer recommendations, and handle all of the installation. Contact us today online or call 724-266-7177 to get started.