Our home electrical system and devices keep us warm during the winter months. Heaters, heated blankets, lights, and other additional items are all used frequently when the weather gets cold. 

While these items make the cold a bit more bearable, they can also put a strain on your home’s electrical system. Winter will be here before you know it, and now is a good time to learn how to avoid common electrical problems in the winter before it arrives.

How to Avoid Common Electrical Problems This Winter

Don’t Let Your Electrical System Be Too Busy

During the wintertime, your electrical system can get overworked easily. Your electrical system can struggle to meet the energy needs of your home due to running extra heating throughout your house, Christmas lights, and more. There are two ways that you can help prevent this from happening:

  • Lowering Your Energy Usage: If you have a number of outdated appliances, you might want to think about replacing them with more energy-efficient models before winter comes. Older furnaces, AC units, dishwashers, washing machines, and refrigerators can put a lot of stress on your electrical system and raise your energy costs.
  • Upgrade the Electrical System in Your Home: If your house is more than 20 years old, we recommend that you upgrade your electrical system before winter. It is suggested that you consult the skilled professionals at Comet Electric to upgrade your electrical panel to boost the amperage of your home. 

This will help prevent your electrical system from overworking, keeping you and your family warm and comfortable.

Eliminate Potential Risks of Electrical Fires

Every winter, you pull out your space heaters, electric blankets, and Christmas lights to keep you cozy and cheery during the colder months. However, electrical equipment that is primarily used in the winter months may be old or damaged. 

House fires and electric shock are some risks associated with frayed and worn cords. To help prevent any potential electrical fires this winter, we suggest that you replace these components every five years.

Avoiding Power Outages

Power outages can result from winter weather such as snow, ice, and sleet. Your home is more vulnerable to losing power in the winter if it is unprotected. To help you prepare and steer clear of avoidable power losses, contact Comet Electric to evaluate your property and to help make sure your electrical system is running effectively before Winter. 

To be prepared for situations where a power outage is inevitable, we also recommend that you invest in a backup generator in case power is lost for several days or hours.

Avoiding Electric Static

Even though static electricity may seem like a small annoyance, if you and your family are regularly being shocked, it can become a frustrating experience. Winter is when your home’s air is dry from running the heat, causing static electricity to be more common. 

Investing in a humidifier to provide moisture to the air in your home and lessen the likelihood of static shocks is a great way of helping to prevent electric static during the wintertime.

For Your Winter Electrical Needs, Contact Comet Electric

To make sure that your home is secure and that your electrical system is prepared for the winter months ahead, the electricians at Comet Electric are here to assist you with any electrical issues that might arise during Winter.

Contact us today for more information on how to avoid common electrical problems in the Winter.