Early update. Transformation Electric is changing their name come 1 January to Comet Electric. Name change, only.

Most of you worthless bums that read this daily rant know I had a fire and lost the garage and the electric panel that went with it. You also know I generally don’t do product endorsements in the Hash with only two previous exceptions, Old Grouch Surplus and Armor Lids.

I needed permanent electricity to run the furnace and the time before a freeze-up was short. I wanted someone fast to do a gun deck job to get the basic things (like the furnace) up and running. My wife wanted to do two things, get the basics done AND bring the house, a 1948 model, up to the current code. In my opinion, getting it up to code could wait.

I was fearful but let the wife make the choice and she opted for Plan B, get the basics running AND get things up to current code at the same time.

Enter Transformation Electric.

Somehow they managed to get me into their busy schedule (good subs are ALWAYS busy) when we explained we had no heat in the house. They were very sympathetic and I was surprised as to how well they were willing to work with us and actually help someone out that was in a bind unlike the usual gang of vultures that prey on them.

I was at sea while the work was being done and I was surprised to hear that everything was done ahead of plan and that I would be coming home to heat and lights.

What I came home to was a totally First Class professional piece of creftsmanship, rather rare in this day and age.

Because I was not there while the work was being done I carefully went through it and it sure looks like I was getting a LOT more than I expected. The wiring was completely flawless.

The conglomeration of confusing switches and plugs in the corner of the garage had not simply been repaired or replaced, it was like the entire garage and the gutted rooms upstairs had been electrically re-engineered. I was amazed. Every piece of the old BX cable that could be replaced was replaced. Every single piece! I hadn’t bargained for that!

Clearly he had gone above and beyond my expectations.

He changed the mish-mash layout of the garage and replaced it with a layout that made more sense and was far more convenient and user friendly. When you consider he was handied an electrician’s nightmare of a fried panelboard and burned up spaghetti to start with he was nothing short of incredible. This is a Godsend for an old man! Things will be a lot easier now.

How he managed to ‘fish’ wiring for the hard wired smoke alarms is beyond me. The man is obviously talented and now everything has been brought up to the current electrical code.

Communication with them was amazing as was their scheduling. They always let us know when they were arriving and stuck with the schedule they gave us. My wife was ashore and both of us received text messages and emails letting us know when they would arrive on scene along with progress frequent reports. Both of us were amazed and we agree that it’s the best business-customer communication we have ever gotten.

I was at sea and it was very comforting to know that progress was being made. I was a nervous wreck over the weather and was terrified of the weather closing in. I was constantly checking the weather forecasts for the neighborhood cringing at the possibility of the temperature dropping below the dreaded 32 degrees.

Fairly early into the project I got the text telling me that the furnace was up and running. I really drew a sigh of relief as I had feared the worst, a major plumbing freeze-up.

Transformation Electric is a wonderful Old School, family run business and as a result is free of the brutal corporate pressures and outright greed that lead to short cuts and ‘cheaping out’ in parts. They have no stockholders and only their customers to answer to.

They appear to holding with Old School values of quality workmanship and doing it right the first time. In this day and age that says a mouthful and in this day and age it’s a breath of fresh air.

Transformation Electric is now my Official Go-To electric company.

My wife belted one completely out of the entire park when she found Transformation Electric!


For the record, it should be noted that I am a licensed Merchant Marine officer and have spent the last three decades at sea. It should be carefully noted that there are no electricians or plumbers at sea. If something breaks we fix it ourselves.

There are four kind of sailors, dead, retired, novice and pessimist. I know my way around mechanicals and my praise does not come easy. Transformation Electric is good. If this cynical old sea captain says someone is good to go you can take it to the bank.